11 Substance Danger in Cigarettes

Smoking habit has now become a lifestyle. Without realizing it, the harmful toxins in cigarettes gradually lead to many deadly diseases.
Nicotine is a dangerous chemical that is often misused. Nicotine in cigarettes is easy to find in the world where millions of people suck.
Nicotine works quickly from the lungs to the brain, which is only about seven seconds, which stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter or chemical compound in the brain that is important in creating mood, appetite and other brain functions.
Nicotine is also recognized to be one of the most addictive drugs. Users quickly become addictive. If someone suddenly stops taking nicotine addicts usually experience prolonged withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and mood easily mess. This causes the addict requires more nicotine to help them be more relaxed and have a good mood. As a result, it is very difficult habit to break.
What’s in a cigarette?
If you think there are only in cigarettes nicotine content, then you are wrong. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in a single cigarette. Even some of them well known as toxicity (poison). Here are some of the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes, quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (3/4).
1. Nicotine: Physiological effects include increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.
2. Ammonia: commonly found in toilet bowl cleaners.
3. Acetone: often used in nail polish remover.
4. Vinyl chloride: used as plastic or PVC pipe.
5. Cadmium: a highly toxic metal used in batteries.
6. Napthtalene: pesticide substances used in mothballs.
7. Carbon monoxide: toxic gases commonly released by motor vehicle exhaust or factory smoke.
8. Tar: a substance that causes brownish yellow stains on teeth and worse can reduce oxygen supply to the lungs.
9. Cyanide: the lethal gas was used in the second world war.
10. Formaldehyde: toxic liquid used to preserve dead bodies.
11. Arsenic: a substance that is toxic to the human body that is present in rat poison.
Come on! Stop smoking now!

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