A Faster Way to Achieve Lasting Health

Why do many people require so much holistic “maintenance” to stay healthy? Is it possible that the underlying mechanisms of chronic unwellness are not being identified and that many treatments are only superficial in nature? Yes would seem to be the answer.
Two areas of alternatives-to-medicine have given me the most information to find and reverse the underlying causes of chronic unwellness. The first is the field of mind/body healing called “energy psychology.” Its essential premise is that in the course of our life experience we receive emotional shocks or physical trauma that imbed deeply in the subconscious mind and continue to replay the shock at a low level over the course of our lifetime. This is a chronic stressor which produces cellular aging and inflammation – the key features of unwellness to which so many therapies are targeted. There are many approaches to treating this. I employ my own variations of the work of Dr. John Diamond, M.D., and chiropractic innovators, Dr. George Goodheart, and Dr. M.T. Morter, as well as my discovery of FlorAlive flower essences to remove unhealthy subconscious memories.
A little recognized genius who has developed a comprehensive model of how the brain holds onto trauma is German physician, Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. He has compelling evidence that acute emotional stress events are the primary trigger that induces cancer, and chronic illness in general.
The link to his website is at the end of my article.
The second area which has contributed greatly to my understanding of how to reverse chronic unwellness is a subdivision of environmental medicine essentially created by Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. My life and my practice was very much improved around 7 years ago when I spent 3 days doing clinic rounds with Dr. Shoemaker in his Maryland center. Dr. Shoemaker specializes in chronic infections of Lyme disease, Pfeisteria, and others. He explained to me in detail, from the examples in his practice, the significance of what he calls “chronic neurotoxin mediated illness (CNMI).” How I summarize this phenomenon is as follows. Chronic infections are present in many people and they are generally undetected.
Antibiotics, when they are used, do not completely eliminate the infections. The reaction to the lingering infection is: inflammation, related premature aging, and accumulation of neurotoxins in our body. Neurotoxins (produced by infecting organisms) poison many enzymatic reactions in our body including all those that produce our energy source, ATP. So we become more tired than we should be. Neurotoxins prevent insulin from working properly, so instead of the body burning up sugars for cellular energy, it stores the sugars as unhealthy body fat, resulting in obesity and a propensity of diabetes.