Alert, Temporary Tattoos Make Skin Blisters

TRENDS using tattoos is already growing rapidly today. For those who are afraid of tattoo needles and just want a temporary tattoo, temporary tattoos can choose. However you need to be vigilant, because temporary tattoos can also give adverse effects to the health.
Food and Drug Administration in the United States has issued a new health warning stating that temporary tattoos can pose some health risks. Temporary tattoos can be made anywhere with a period of three days to several weeks. Although the methods are not injected in the skin, but still temporary tattoos come with some health risks, as reported by FoxNews.
The researchers say consumers are still at risk of allergic reactions can be very severe and can last longer than the tattoo itself. Health problems caused by temporary tattoos include redness, blisters, loss of skin pigmentation, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and permanent scarring.
Typically, temporary tattoos created using a variety of colored inks using henna. Some do use natural materials that will not react to the skin, but there is additional material in the ink, especially in the dark ink-called p-phenylenediamine (PPD), a substance that can cause dangerous skin reactions in some people.
This is a warning to the public to be more careful if you want to make a temporary tattoo because of the effects your health is at stake.