Alert, Triggers Swelling Leg Cramps

Cramps for some people might be considered trivial. But when judging again, it could make the condition waiver leg swelling.
Yes, this is due to the impeded circulation and accumulated in the calf. Circulation so that it should return to the heart becomes blocked.
“Usually people who stand or sit for too long have cramps or pain in the feet. Cramps or medical terms this insufficiency occurs because there is interference with the venous valves (blood vessels that return blood to the heart) to the circulation of blood to pool in the legs, where it should be returned to the heart. Here the beginning of the problem, “said Dr. R. Suhartono, MD Chairman of the Society of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Specialists Indonesia when found in a themed event Educate People About Dangers of Venous Disorders at The 3 House, Village Kuningan, Jakarta.
According to him, this condition if allowed to continue will cause swelling in the legs.
“Impaired blood accumulated in the calf when someone kept unconscious or left unchecked will have an impact on pain atu pain in the legs, then cramps at night. Worse, swelling of the legs. You’ve seen pregnant women whose feet were swollen? That’s when the disorder continues to be, “he explained.