Asparagus Powerful Overcome Hypertension?

ASPARAGUS is a vegetable fiber that has a lot of vitamin A and C which is the source of the B vitamin folate. But there are other reasons that can make you start eating asparagus.
Researchers in Japan conducted an experiment by giving a 5 percent asparagus diet to rats who have high blood pressure. After 10 weeks, rats were given asparagus have lower blood pressure than rats that did not.
Furthermore, in this study also showed that rats given asparagus also has less protein in their urine. It is a marker of a healthy kidney. In addition, the mice are angiotensin-converting enzyme are used to treat hypertension in humans.
Then the researchers from Japan thinks compound found in asparagus called 2 “-hydroxynicotianamine, are responsible for inhibiting ACE activity in rats.
“Of course it is too early to know whether the 2”-hydroxynicotianamine also have the same effect in humans. But maybe this could open up new vistas in the treatment of hypertension, “said the researchers.