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Volvo Makin Friends with Nature

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Swedish manufacturer, Volvo, will introduce a new diesel engine, Volvo Engine Architecture or VEA. This machine will be born between August and October. As reported by Worldcarfans, the latest engine Volvo Car Group is the latest diesel engine with i-ART technology first in the world. This new technology is able to help reduce vehicle fuel ….  Read More

Napping Children Improve Brain Function

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SLEEP afternoon proved to have many benefits for children. One is improving brain function by twenty percent. This is because when the children nap, get rid of the buildup of brain neurotransmitters in the brain – called adenosine-on activities before bed. So when the kids wake up, the brain automatically enabling themselves more freely to ….  Read More

Infrared Thermography in Industrial Inspections

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There are a number of applications of thermography in different industries. Thermal imagers have been quite beneficial in providing condition monitoring and preventing breakdowns. Industrial thermography is a powerful maintenance tool to detect anomalies and weak spots in the production, monitoring, and maintenance processes. With the use of thermal imager cameras industrial inspections can be ….  Read More