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What Smoking Does to Body and Mind – Easily Break the Dual Addiction of Smoking

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Most people who are trying to quit smoking are concerned about what smoking does to body health. But what you should really be concerned about is what smoking does to your mind. Smoking actually leads to a dual addiction, both the physical addiction to nicotine that your body experiences and the psychological cravings that your ….  Read More

Dr. Loren Borud Illustrates Various Types of Plastic Surgery

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  Plastic Surgery is one of the toughest surgeries. This is one kind of surgery where the doctor has to operate according to the preference of the patient. The surgery can be done on various anatomical locations. Doctors like Loren Borud know multiple types of plastic surgery so as to provide maximum satisfaction to the ….  Read More

Controlled Body Weight, Stomach Satiety? Only Healthy Snacking

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Snacking is often synonymous with weight gain. Many women avoid snacking for fear their weight will skyrocket. In fact, snacking also has its own benefits for you. If done in a healthy way, snacking it can benefit your body. Snacking between meals can reduce your overall calorie intake by controlling the desire to eat as ….  Read More