Beaches, Best Places to Burn Fat?

COAST is well known is the ideal place for recreation. But not just limited to that, it turns out the beach is the best place for someone who wants to shrink the fat body.
It is based on research results of Paolo Gaudino, Ph.D. (c), M.S, as quoted by Mens Health. Explained that the best exercise to burn fat in the body is by running on the beach.
Researchers concluded that the market was running on the surface requires more energy out, burning up too many calories in the body comes out. In contrast to respondents who ran on the grass, wood or concrete. In addition, it was also found that the conduct of a run on the sand the joints in his body increased.
“In particular, why the sand is more effective and relatively fast burn fat, is because when you stepped foot to start running, your feet will get into the sand and then like drowning. So, when you want to lift the leg to continue the steps to run, it would forcing the muscles of the body, especially in the lower legs to expend more energy, “said Paolo.
He added again, the sand also absorbs almost all of the energy when you do a run on the sand. This is certainly good for maximum calorie burning, which often dihubungankan rapid shrinkage of fat in the body.