Bitter Tea Helps Overcome Sensitive Teeth

MANY benefits of tea consumption. In addition to enhancing antibodies, other benefits are overcome your sensitive teeth complaints.
This is because the fluoride content in tea can coat dentim open due to shrinking gums. So when extreme temperatures hit your teeth, tooth ache any risk terredam by the content properties.
“Tea contains tannin and it has fluoride which is good for people with sensitive teeth, where it will coat the tooth enamel to date food and beverages cold or hot go in the mouth. Pain is usually a feeling, he no longer felt,” said Drg. MM Dimas Diego dentist practitioners of interdental Clinic to Okezone in the event themed Already Precise Sensitive Toothpaste that you Choose, at Siloam Hospitals MRCCC floor Conference Room 36, Jakarta.
Furthermore, he suggested to consume the tea bitter. Because when it contains sugar, so its effectiveness is reduced.
“To get the maximum benefits of tea, do not mix the sugar, aka drinking sweet tea. Because sugar can damage one’s teeth. Course this is contrary to the properties you want”, he said.