Breakfast Fruit, is Healthy Enough?

Some people do not have much time in the morning for breakfast so choose pinch a piece of fruit. Well, if the fruit is quite healthy breakfast?
Nutritionists at Breach Candy Hospital, Eileen Canday, as quoted by the Times of India, Tuesday (02/19/2013) says the consumption of fruit in the morning as sarapanakan affect your body. However, a piece of fruit will not provide all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
Breakfast Fruit
Canday also suggested that at breakfast not only eat a piece of fruit. Intake of calcium, fiber, and protein is also noteworthy. By eating these foods, then your body is better prepared to perform various activities.
A piece of fruit does not have enough nutrition. So how can you stay strong and vibrant until lunch time? Preferably at breakfast do not just eat a piece of fruit, but in combination with high-fiber foods such as oatmeal or whole grain so you fuller for longer.
Canday said breakfast of fruit is not enough to make you get the calories and protein. This fact is important as a preparation before you participate in activities during the day. Because it should reduce the intake of calories in the evening than in the morning.
Protein intake will also make you more resistant hungry. Therefore, if you are a piece of fruit only breakfast, so you can be faster than lunch time. Instead of breakfast with fruit, better fruit snack made ​​by midday.
To stay energized and excited about the move you should take 5-10 minutes for a balanced and nutritious breakfast. That way, the weight and your health better maintained.