Can children do lift weights?

Children must be encouraged to love to exercise. Exercise done regularly will make his body fit, prevent obesity and help children do better in school. However, children do not recommend doing weight-bearing exercise.
Weight-bearing exercise is done in the age of the children was to undermine the child’s bone growth. According dr.Sophia Benedicta, resident of Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, children aged less than 12 years old are prohibited from lifting weights that come from outside the body.
“The burden is too heavy can interfere with the growth plate (growth plate) bone. Consequently the child can not be high,” he said on the sidelines of the launch of the Archipelago Movement held by PT.Frisian Flag of Indonesia in Jakarta.
Growth plate was instrumental in the growth of bone extending to the end of the growth period. Overload is feared will close growth plates.
Children are advised to do aerobic activities such as football, basketball, badminton, cycling, jogging, jumping rope, and so on.
Sophia also do not recommend children exercising in the fitness center (gym) because it can reduce the chance of children exposed to sunlight are a source of vitamin D.
In addition to sports activities, children can also be encouraged to undertake physical activity play a game that requires a lot of movement, like playing hide and seek, jump rope, Galasin, baseball, and so on. Children of school age should be reduced in time doing relaxing activities such as watching television or playing video games. Activity relaxed too much and followed with excess food can cause obesity.