Causes of Obesity

Scientifically, obesity is caused by consuming more calories than needed by the body.
The cause of the imbalance between calorie intake and burning is still unclear.
The occurrence of obesity involves several factors:
1. Genetic factors.
Obesity tends to run, so it is thought to have genetic causes. But family members not only share genes but also diet and lifestyle habits, which could encourage obesity.
Often it is difficult to separate lifestyle factors with genetic factors.
Recent studies show that the average genetic factors influence 33% of a person’s weight.
2. Environmental factors.
The gene is an important factor in many cases of obesity, but a person’s environment also plays a significant role. This environment includes behavioral / lifestyle patterns (eg what to eat and how many times a person eats and how their activities).
A person certainly can not change their genetic pattern, but he can change the diet and activity.
3. Psychological factors.
What’s inside a person’s mind can affect eating habits.
Many people react to her emotions by eating.
One form of emotional distress is a negative self-perception. This disorder is a serious problem with many young women who suffer from obesity, and can cause excessive awareness about obesity and discomfort in social intercourse.
There are two abnormal eating patterns that could be the cause of obesity is eating in a number of very much (binge) and eat at night (at night eating syndrome).
Both diets are usually triggered by stress and disappointment. Binge similar to bulimia nervosa, in which a person eats in a number of very much, the difference in binge this is not followed by spewing back what has been eaten. As a result, the calories consumed very much.
On the night eating syndrome, is the reduced appetite in the morning and followed by excessive eating, agitation and insomnia at night.
4. Health factors.
Several diseases can lead to obesity, including:
– Hypothyroidism
– Cushing’s syndrome
– Prader-Willi Syndrome
– Several neurological disorders that can cause a person to eat a lot.
5. Drugs
Certain medications (eg steroids and some anti-depressants) can cause weight gain.
6. Developmental factors.
The addition of size or number of fat cells (or both) cause increasing amounts of fat stored in the body.
Obese people, especially those that became obese in childhood, can have fat cells sampak 5 times more than people whose weight is normal.
The number of fat cells can not be reduced, so weight loss can only be done by reducing the amount of fat in each cell.
7. Physical activity.
Lack of physical activity is probably one of the main causes of the increasing incidence of obesity in the midst of a prosperous society. People who do not actively require fewer calories. Someone who tend to consume foods rich in fat and not doing physical activity are balanced, will be obese.