Controlled Body Weight, Stomach Satiety? Only Healthy Snacking

Snacking is often synonymous with weight gain. Many women avoid snacking for fear their weight will skyrocket. In fact, snacking also has its own benefits for you.
healthy snacking
If done in a healthy way, snacking it can benefit your body. Snacking between meals can reduce your overall calorie intake by controlling the desire to eat as much in subsequent meals. Healthy snacks also provide nutrients the body needs to keep you energized throughout the day.
There is a simple tip that you can do to get a healthy snack, as quoted from the book by Dr. Smart Eating. Samuel Oetoro, and Jana Erwin Parengkuan, published by Scholastic. Here’s his explanation:
– Provide healthy snacks constantly. Fresh fruit or dried fruit can be your choice.
– Snacking is only when you are hungry. The purpose is to prevent hunger snacking between meal hours, so do not snack if you’re not really hungry.
– Limit the amount that goes into the mouth. Snacks are generally not filling, so you tend to pick up again and again. This can be disastrous because the calories can accumulate and store fat. Ceramic jars or containers with a small meal to avoid excessive snacking.
– Limit the dense snack sugar, salt and fat. Eat light as candy and chips tend to have little or no nutritional value at all.