Current Labor, Do not Raise Excessive Weight Gain

KEEPING weight gain during pregnancy is very important turns. If it is too heavy, you run the risk of various diseases. Meanwhile, if the weight is less, then it can affect the health of your unborn baby.
Keep your weight during pregnancyEvery woman has body and pregnancy is different. It will also affect your weight during pregnancy. The amount of weight gain during pregnancy depends on how your weight before pregnancy. The emphasis is on the concept of gradual and consistent pattern of weight gain. The increase in total body weight on average is approximately 12 kg during the phases of pregnancy, as reported by Healthmeup.
Normal pattern of weight loss is approximately 1 to 2 pounds during the first three months, followed by a 0.4 kilo per week or 1 to 2 pounds per month for six months. However, this pattern is different in every woman.
Weight gain too little will make it difficult for your baby to grow well or gaining weight too much will make you run out of steam, the process longer and more difficult at the time of delivery.
The best way to start a pregnancy is to have a healthy weight. The amount of your weight before pregnancy will help you have the pregnancy and birth are more comfortable.