dangers of smoking for ourself and family

Warning of the dangers of smoking such has often seen and heard both in print and electronic media even on each pack of cigarettes, but such warnings did not deter smokers intention to remain smoke opium which contains hundreds of deadly chemicals. Statistical data showed 34.7 percent of the population of Indonesia are active smokers means one of three of Indonesia’s population smoke.
Smoking was first known by the European nobility who came to America in the 16th century, when it is smoked by the Indians in the context of ritual worship of the spirits of their ancestors, then smoking it in the copy and then meyebar to the world, including Indonesia .
Dangers of smoking to the health of families
It seems we all agree that smoking is harmful to the smoker but also for the people around him, which made penlitian Public Health Association of Indonesia (IAKMI) mentions that 25 percent of cigarette smoke inhaled by the smoker while the remaining 75 percent meyebar in free air and potentially exploited by others who do not smoke or who is better known as passive smoking, another study says that secondhand smoke are three times more dangerous than active smokers, this is happening because cigarette smoke inhaled by smokers smoke more cigarettes sourced from the tip burned without going through the filter at the other end.
We do not realize that the activity of smoking in the home will make our families suffer because of stale cigarette smoke and inhale the potential to cause severe illnesses ranging from lung cancer, acute respiratory problems, heart disease, strokes, weakening brain function in children, difficulty concentrating and even can cause symptoms of sudden death in infants who are better known as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
Have you noticed our baby boy or occasional cough and sometimes recur again when our baby was not sick, it could be caused not by the virus but we have children to secondhand smoke because there is one of the family members are doing activities on smoking in the home .
Hazardous substances contained in cigarettes
Please note that the cigarette contains thousands of chemicals that ten percent of her is a deadly poison which can harm health and can lead to death.
Here are some of the harmful substances contained in cigarettes
This substance contains opium can cause a person addicted to smoking cigarettes then.
The manufacture of asphalt that can be attached to the lungs and can cause irritation and even cancer.
Carbon monoxide
Gas that can cause heart disease because it can bind oxygen gas in the body.
Deadly chemicals
Number of substances that could potentially cause thousands of cancers both in Prau lung, skin, throat and other body parts.
It was clear that cigarettes are not only harmful to the smoker but also for the surrounding environment, especially our families, it is time for us to be wise, our families and loved ones around us have the right to obtain a clean environment from cigarette smoke, if we are hard to quit smoking try to think that our intention is for the sake of the health and survival of beloved family.
Taken from various sources, may be useful.