Dark Chocolate Lower Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate has long been known health benefits. Results of analysis of 20 studies showed that consumption of dark chocolate every day will lower blood pressure.
Research conducted by the Cochrane Group reported, the active ingredient in chocolate is beneficial to make the blood vessels more relaxed. As a result, blood pressure drops.
Active substances that have a positive effect are flavonols, which in the body produces a chemical nitric oxide and blood vessels, weak so blood circulating smoothly.

The analysis made ​​it combines several previous studies to determine whether there is a chocolate effects for blood pressure. Dark chocolate consumed in the study participants was quite a lot, from 3 grams to 105 grams per day.
However, the resulting decrease in blood pressure is not too big, only 2-3 mmHg. But the study was only performed for two weeks so it is unknown impact in the long run.
“Although we have not got the evidence of long-term effects of blood pressure reduction, but decreased slightly in the short term this may in the long run could contribute to a reduced risk of heart disease,” said Karin Ried, of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, Australia.
High blood pressure is common cancer and is thought to be the most common cause of stroke and heart disease.
If you want to get the benefits of dark chocolate, you should make sure that the product purchased contains high amounts of chocolate as most products on the market a lot more sugar and fat content.
Besides chocolate, nuts, apricots, blackberries, and apples also contain flavonols even lower levels than chocolate.