Do not Ignore Fulfillment Child Nutrition

NEEDS nutrition and energy of a child is important and should not be ignored because it is the basis for optimizing the physical growth and brain performance.
Infancy is an important phase for the baby. Therefore, to support its growth with the best nutrition so it needs to be done.
“After passing the Golden Period that should not be overlooked is nutrition and energy at pre-school children and elementary school age to optimize rapid physical growth (growth spurt) and the performance of the brain for children’s learning process as well as to high physical activity,” says Nutrition Specialist clinics as well as Professor of Andalas University and former Deputy Minister and Culture, Professor. Dr.. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D, in the launch of the Movement SpGK Frisian Flag Indonesia archipelago in Complex Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, Senayan Jakarta.
Prof. Dr.. Fasli Jalal said to undergo a learning process that is accompanied by high physical activity a child needs enough calories.
“Energy needs of pre-school children (4-6 years) amounted to 1,600 calories and elementary school age children (7-12 years) ranged between 1800-2200 calories.”
Therefore, Prof.. Dr.. Fasli Jalal recommends that a child should have a complete intake of macro nutrients and micro nutrients of various kinds of foods. They also make it a habit to eat breakfast, choosing healthy snacks, and drink milk every day.
“Milk contains approximately 100 IU of vitamin D per 200 ml which it can meet the adequacy of vitamin D by 25 percent per day. Besides milk also contains macro-nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and micronutrients such as vitamin D and minerals for example calcium, “he said.
According to Prof. Dr.. Fasli Jalal, the energy obtained from drinking milk, a child can undergo daily activities smoothly.
“The energy gained from drinking as much as two glasses of milk a day which is approximately 300-400 kcal, so it can help the child to perform daily activities,” he concluded.