Does Smoking Really Help You Relax?

As a Quit Smoking Specialist, I hear many reasons of why some smokers aren’t ready to quit smoking just yet.
It’s interesting that so many smokers say,”I want to quit smoking but it helps me relax.” So my question to you is “What makes you think that you are becoming more relaxed by smoking?”
Let’s find out!
I would like to challenge you right now by saying that it is actually the opposite. The feeling of relaxation is an illusion as you are distracting yourself from whatever the stress may be in your life.
Every cigarette you have puts your body under an enormous amount of stress.
With every cigarette you have, your heartbeat increases by around 12 beats per minute, which is significant. The acid level in your stomach increases, and your whole body becomes more acidic.
You may have heard that there is an ideal pH value for the body, an ideal acid-alkaline balance for health.
Smoking tips you to the acidic side, which amongst a whole bunch of other things compromises your immune system, so when you get sick now it takes you so much longer to get better. But also you are opening yourself up to so many different serious diseases because your immune system just is not protecting you any where near as well as it should be.
Every cigarette you have totally stresses your body out! And what affects the body, affects the mind.
Every drag you have of a cigarette, you have these poisons and carcinogens that are sucked into your lungs and absorbed into the body. Some of these poisons are trapped in the lung, but others are such small molecules that they go right through the lung and are absorbed into the blood stream along with the oxygen you’ve just breathed in.
So as a smoker you have a variety of poisons and carcinogens throughout your whole system.
Your body has an inbuilt intelligence, if you like, to keep you alive, keep you youthful, keep you healthy. And your body knows these carcinogens are the single worst possible thing that could be happening to this body right now.
And indeed if the body didn’t process and get rid of these carcinogens you would be dead in a very short period of time, because it is just so toxic for the body.
So your body is processing and getting rid of carcinogens every second of the day. Even right now as you are reading this! This is why as a smoker you may be aware that your energy levels are getting less and less as time goes on. It’s just so stressful and draining for the human body to smoke!