Dry mouth, whether healthy?

In daily life you would be required to always perform excellent and confident, one of the flagship is a breath of fresh and fragrant.
But what would happen if every time interacting with friends your breath smell. Of course this makes sense of confidence decreases, because you become insecure to scared to open my mouth.
One that is often a problem in day-to-day is dry mouth (xerostomia). This happens when your mouth produces less saliva (saliva). Dry mouth conditions that can trigger bad breath. Bacteria will grow more quickly when the mouth is dry, because the bacteria will remain and grow more quickly.
The bacteria live and interact with leftovers to create the smell. Therefore, it is important to clean your teeth regularly and correctly to reduce the development of bacteria that cause bad breath this.
In addition, consuming foods that have a pungent odor can also be a cause of bad breath. For example: garlic, alcohol and tobacco.
There are several things you can do to reduce the problem of bad breath, here are some how:
1. Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day. If it is necessary to brush your teeth every after activity or after a meal.
2. Clean your tongue to reduce the development of bacteria and food residue that is in the way the tongue brush slowly and gently.
3. Avoid foods that can cause bad breath, such as sour, spicy, garlic or banana.
4. Avoid smoking because it can damage the gums and leave stains on teeth.
5. Gargle with mouthwash containing anti-bacterial content to provide extra protection against bacteria.
Toothpaste that provide total protection, namely Pepsodent Expert Protection. In addition to removing plaque can also make breath fresher.
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Fine grain to microgranules can clean between teeth so that the teeth a thorough clean, not just on the surface.