Easy to Digest Truth of Organic Makeup

It is no secret that the makeup we use contains ingredients that are toxic to the skin. The great news is that the cosmetic industry is laudably trying to right the wrongs that have been done in the past with the creation of organic makeup.

You may have heard the claims before that a diet mainly consisting of raw vegetables and fruits can do wonders for your skin but not all of us can keep consistent with such a diet. As a result our skin does not get the nutrition from the inside that it needs to shine on the outside. Sadly when our body isn’t fed the right things the results become painfully visible. We try to mask some of the issues with makeup but more often than not this only adds to our woes. The reason for this stems from the fact that ordinary makeup contains harsh ingredients that cause further erosions in the health of our skin. While that fact may be tough to swallow there is an easier to digest truth of the benefits of using organic make up.
The use of cosmetics to enhance beauty dates back to biblical times. While it was mainly used for ritualistic purposes, the roots of organic makeup can be found in the sources the ancient people created their facial and body paint. The exotic scents and rich colors used for adornment in were extracted from plants. The manufacturers of makeup in those times did not have the need or means to include toxins like Parabens or Phthalates that when applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream and have negative impact on overall health. Cosmetics back then was essentially healthier than most of the ones we use today because the properties were purely organic. It would appear that the cosmetic industry is going back to ancient times so to speak by reintroducing the concept of organic makeup.
They are quickly ceasing the practice of using chemicals to enhance cosmetics and this only means good news for the people who use them. There are many brands that already have their own organic lines that not only extend to makeup but to application devices as well. With organic makeup your skin gets the nutrition it needs to look and feel healthy. The ingredients such as Aloe Vera for example, have therapeutic and healing effects. Women have a reason now to reply on makeup not to make them look even more beautiful than they are but to reward the skin with the nutrition it needs. There are so many variations to choose from today that cater to even the beliefs of individuals.
The fact that it is free of animal ingredients and gluten free is a relief to Vegans. Our bodies were not designed to absorb toxins and break them down into useful properties, so they remain in our systems and fester until the effects can be seen and felt. Organic makeup is natural and made from ingredients that can be absorbed through the skin and put to good use in our body