Fiber Fruit for Your Child, You Should Not Juice

PARENTS often trouble persuading your child to eat vegetables and fruits. No need to bring it in processed juice if they could still be persuaded.
“Levels of fibers exist in fruits and vegetables, but if you manage it with juiced, what can be obtained kids? Should not be juiced,” said Hermien Susilo, Chef Unilever Indonesia Country to Okezone after the Jakarta Food Editor’s Club in the region Pakubuwono, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, recently.
fruit for the little guy
When vegetables and fruits processed by juiced, the nutrition in it will not diasup children. According to him, the kids only get water intake.
“Because it’s blended, then vegetables and fruits emit a lot of water. Automatically, the fiber content of vegetables and fruits was late, no more fiber into the child’s body,” he added.
The best way, affirmed Chef Hermien, using a spoon to scrape the fruit. It is a safe way to keep the little fiber intake.
“When chewed, the fiber content will get more than juiced. Fruits, such as bananas, can be scraped with a spoon while vegetables should be processed with other ingredients,” he explained.
“Choose food that is sweet, because the most accessible children than any other sense,” he concluded.