Health Center Grants From The US Government

The act that contains specifics about these grants is the Public Health Service Act under the title of Consolidated Health Center Program. This section establishes five different kinds of health center programs each of one with different requirements and conditions. Following is the list of the different grants defined by the Public Health Service Act:
Community Health Center Program
This program helps create and maintain community health centers all across the country. These grants for specific regions or areas that need private parties (non profit or profit) to complement ones that cannot deal with all the demand on that particular place or that need to supplement on specific fields of expertise or disciplines not provided by the current government health centers.
Migrant Health Center Program
This program is meant to provide assistance for funding health centers for migrants; from normal assistance to specific needs of those who migrate from abroad or interstate. There are many coordinated by migrant populations that group up to protect themselves and through these programs, the government contributes to fund those projects that have a significant importance.
Health Care For the Homeless Program
Those who are homeless experience significant more hazards and diseases and therefore need health care and use health services often. Since they are homeless, the lack of health insurance needs to be compensated with public or private non-profit medical assistance. Health Care who specialize in assisting the homeless can obtain funds through these health care for the homeless grants programs
Public Housing Primary Care Program
There are many public housing facilities out there to protect the homeless and provide them with a roof for different periods of time. These facilities need to provide primary care services too. Public housing primary care grants programs are meant to fund these facilities and provide them with the money needed to assist those making use of public housing. Only simple medicine practice and procedures are performed in these places but nevertheless, funding is always needed.
School-Based Health Center Program
Just like public housing, schools also need primary health services covered for accidents or common diseases that can affect students that are underprivileged, need immediate assistance or don’t have insurance coverage. For these situations, schools that need assistance to fund the necessary facilities and hire the staff to do the job, can obtain financing through school based health center grant programs.
Requirements For Approval
Only private, charitable, tax-exempt, non profit organizations or public entities are eligible for these government grants. However, there are also private institutions providing funds for these same purposes.
Therefore, there are funds available for almost anyone who is worried about providing health care for those who cannot afford private medical solutions.