Healthy Pregnancy Tips For Women Career

To stay healthy, pregnant women are advised not to be too tired while doing the activity. But for working women, like it or not have to work until a few months before delivery. No need to worry, because career women who are pregnant can still be healthy.
career womenDuring pregnancy, many changes occur in a woman’s body, from the physical changes, hormonal, until emotions. For this reason, pregnant women are more easily tired. But for career women, tired is not an excuse to miss work.
To maintain the health of the fetus and the mother during pregnancy, career women need to consider several things, as reported Onlymyhealth, Tuesday (26/02/2013):
1. Eat Healthy
Eating healthy is a must for pregnant women. If you work during pregnancy, eating healthy food becomes more important, because of a busy work schedule makes most women look pregnant careers overlook the importance of eating right and most importantly, eat a nutritious diet.
Remember that you need to keep your energy levels to cope with two things, work and pregnancy. Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates and protein in your healthy menu.
2. Avoid eating fatty
The work is often the cause of stress in women career. If you are career women who are pregnant, should avoid fatty foods because it can increase your stress levels.
3. Keep doing light exercise in the office
Make sure you run periodically or can do some stretching exercises. This will enhance blood circulation and prevent foot problems that usually swelling often occurs in pregnant women.
4. Inform your employer about pregnancy
Inform your boss about your pregnancy. Some women prefer to deliver the news of pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, but there are also others like to wait until the second trimester. But better would be wise to tell your boss before pregnancy symptoms appear (abdomen began to swell) so employers can reduce your workload.
5. Use comfortable clothing
Some companies or government employees are required to wear a uniform while working. But if you are pregnant, you should ask for a dispensation to be able to wear loose clothing so it is more comfortable and does not push the fetus. Loose clothing also allows pregnant women to breathe properly.

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