How To Solve Why Some Ex Smokers Start Smoking Again

Thousands of smokers quit smoking every year. But unfortunately many of these people will return to smoking, some within days, weeks or months. The questions to be answered are, why do they start again and how can this be prevented?
Firstly sometimes people quit before they are ready. Perhaps they do so to please someone else, a partner, friend or their doctor. This is always doomed for failure.
Your reasons for smoking will be just below the surface, and they will reassert themselves usually in a short time frame. Quitting by cold turkey even if you are 100% determined will often have the same effect as the story above.
As long as the connections to smoking are pushed down just below the surface they can always come back and overpower you. The same situation occurs with nicotine replacement and Champix.
Your connection between smoking and driving for example can’t ever be eliminated by a dose of toxic chemical or a mind altering drug. The solution is hypnosis. It is the only proven way to completely eliminate all your connection to smoking forever.
This is achieved by directly accessing your subconscious mind, and addressing each and every one of your smoking connections. But what is happening when someone has successfully quit using hypnosis only to once again return to cigarettes in the future.
In my experience there are three main reasons.
1. There were still some connections not addressed in the hypnosis session. These can be irregular situations. Things like on the phone or with food are obvious. But there can be others which only occur occasionally. Such as exams, work time schedules or family or relationship issues.
The key is to spend more time drawing out these times but more importantly for you the client to carefully consider these in the days prior to your quit session.
2. But what happens when hypnosis has been used successfully and you still return to smoking after some event. It’s rare that a person starts again just because they are bored, but it does occasionally happen.
We call it a parts separation. One part wants to quit and the other part wants to smoke. There is a specific process which needs to be done to resolve this.
3. After a crisis is the 3rd most common time. This again can be resolved with a focus on de-stressing the effect of the crisis and returning the person via hypnosis to their desired non smoking state.