It's Eating Habits Increasing Your Weight

MAYBE you include people who are indifferent in terms of eating. In fact, creating healthy eating habits can help you maintain a healthy body. Meanwhile, poor eating habits would potentially trigger the disease.
It is important for you to adopt healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of adopting healthy eating habits.
Here are some bad eating habits also impact on your health, as quoted from the book Smart Eating, by Dr.. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK, and Jana Erwin Parengkuan.
Irregular eating
For various reasons, do not eat regularly frequent. In fact, irregular diet can disrupt the body’s metabolism. People who do not eat regularly tend to gain weight more quickly and more than people who eat regularly.
Eating late at night
There are no restrictions for you to eat at night. However, there are side effects such as excessive calorie consumption. Be careful, snacking and consumption of solid foods before bed can increase your weight. When you eat before bed, your body will melepaskam insulin in large quantities. Insulin is what will keep the food you eat into fat.
Skipping meals
Past the hour to eat for fear of fat or no time can cause your blood sugar decreased. Many people then compensate by eating more at the next, which can even increase your weight.