It's Food for Healthy Teeth

GIGI is a vital part of the body to help digest food better. To keep it healthy not only with treatment, but we can also choose foods that are nutritious and beneficial to dental health. Some of the nutrients and vitamins that are needed to maintain strong bones and teeth. And they can only get from eating a healthy diet and of course benefit your dental health. Such as fruits, vegetables and some other foods such as chocolate can help you maintain healthy teeth. Here are some fruits that you can eat to keep your teeth healthy as reported Healthmeup.
You may not know that apples are a lot of natural toothbrush is perfect. Apples help to stimulate your gums, increase saliva flow in the mouth and prevent the buildup of food in the cavity and clean the tooth surface. In addition, apples are also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Try eating an apple after dinner to clean the teeth.
Kiwi great source of vitamin C. the right amount of vitamin C in the body helps in maintaining the collagen network in your gums, preventing gum infection, accelerate healing and strengthening the gums which further helps in preventing periodontal disease.
Pear fruit is fibrous in nature, it helps in producing extra saliva in your mouth. Pears also have a greater acid neutralizing effect on the tooth surface. Eating a pear every day to keep the surface of your teeth stay strong and healthy.