Keep Your Healthy Diet During The Holidays

The holidays provide the best opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. Holiday parties with buffet style meals and finger foods can be tempting for you to overeat. This scenario can make the health conscious worry about adding extra weight to their body.
But there is a way to keep your waistline the same and still be able to join in the party. It will take some planning in advance, with goals and self-control included to have a worry free holiday. Here are some ways that you can stick to your diet and enjoy the holidays.
For most people, holidays are a good excuse to let your workout routine go. It is easy to think that it is OK to pig out when you have been so good the last week or month before. To start with, have the goal of sticking to your fitness routine right through the holidays.
By exercising less often and overeating during the holidays, your body is much more likely to store excess fat. It can be a case of going back to the beginning if you leave exercising for too long, so make the positive decision to stay in shape.
During the holiday season you will be surrounded by great looking food that will be tempting to eat, and tempt you to leave your workout routine behind. So allow yourself a cheat day to get your cravings out-of-the-way by treating yourself to any of these types of foods. But you must keep your fitness routine going at the same time.
You don’t need to feel guilty for eating holiday goodies on this cheat day because you have factored this into your fitness routine. Just line up this day with a holiday event. If you miss out on a day of exercise, don’t think too much about it but continue on as normal.
Keep another day aside during the holidays to focus on your motivational reason to continue with your workouts. And don’t supersize your food portions. Only eat higher calorie foods in moderation to avoid putting on weight.
If you have plans to eat a larger dinner, you can change your other meals to make room for your dinner. Have a smaller breakfast and lunch to compensate. Or try to eat the same amount as you would normally at dinner time to avoid having to change your regular pattern.
Everyone has choices, whatever situation you are in. So choose the best option at the time. If there is no healthy option, simply go with a smaller portion rather than a larger one.