Kidney transplant surgery, Just Allow a Lifetime

DIFFERENT with other operations, kidney transplant surgery should only be performed once in a lifetime. What article?
Difficulty of finding the right donor as well as the costs, constraints such as interference to other organs of post-transplant liver into a series of problems that need to be considered. From the medical side, doctors also demanded thorough doctor about how many blood vessels which must be connected when performing surgery. In addition, the right space for the laying of the kidney is also a challenge that must be faced by doctors. Therefore, kidney transplantation could not be done haphazardly.
“In transplant surgery, the operation, is the most important session. The doctors should be predicted all conditions that occur in the operating situation. For example, how many blood vessels which must be connected when the unification of the kidney, or the placement of renal Have a fit, well and does not change its position. Team doctor should already know, and most importantly not interfere with organ function. This is because despite the difficulty of finding a kidney match. The doctors should be careful and cautious, “said DR. Arry Rodjani RS S.PU different experts. Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM), when met at an event themed Children First Successful Kidney Transplantation in Indonesia, in the auditorium RSCM Kirana, Central Jakarta, Monday, April 15, 2013.
Further explained, the reason why only one kidney transplant operation is due to the difficulty of fitting donor search. According to him, the donor may be sought from relatives or friends who want to help, but if it does not fit it will be useless. This is what triggers the procedure of the operation as much as possible to be done once.
“The process can get a transplant patient has many obstacles, some of which is fitted to the donor search cost is relatively expensive. This is the reason why the kidney transplant surgery should only be performed once. Aside from the medical side, so as not to interfere with the function of other organs after the surgery, “he concluded.