List of Herbs for Hemorrhoids

Habit unhealthy lifestyle unhealthy environment which may cause the arrival of various diseases. Ranging from mild to critical illness. One of the diseases that comes easy is hemorrhoids or piles. This disease initially was not dangerous but never underestimate this disease, if it is severe it will be very dangerous for the health.
Hemorrhoid treatment can be done with Herbs for Hemorrhoids or Piles is still in a phase where the symptoms are mild or. If already in a phase of severe or critical medical treatment is usually done as an operation to remove hemorrhoids. Or you also can try Drug Hemorrhoids and Piles It works in Here is list of medicinal plants for hemorrhoids.
aloe vera
Root kale
duck bill
mangosteen leaves
soursop leaf
eggplant purple
Banana stone / klutuk
leaves Handeuleum
fermented cassava
leaves Salak
leaf Saga
tread liman
Thus the list of herbs for hemorrhoids that you can use for hemorrhoids. Consult with your doctor about your disease to get proper treatment and safe.

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