Mental Disorder is Often Suffered Kidney Failure Patients

The kidneys function to filter waste from the blood the body metabolism to be excreted through the urine. In patients with renal failure, this lame filtering function requiring dialysis. In addition to the physical interrupt, apparently of complications of kidney failure can also trigger mental disorders.
“In addition to the long course of the disease, the patient’s inability and discomfort caused due to dependent hemodialysis machines is often a source of despair that leads to further psychological problems,” said Dr. Andri, SpKJ, Psychosomatic Clinic Psychiatric Hospital Alam Sutera Omni in electronic mail to detikHealth, Wednesday (03/06/2013).
Furthermore, Dr. Andri explained that previous studies revealing the relationship between the incidence of renal failure in patients with psychiatric disorders. This condition can occur in cases of acute or chronic renal failure. Some psychiatric disorder that often affects patients with kidney failure are:
1. Delirium
Delirium is a medical condition characterized by difficulty concentrating and impaired intelligence to confusion accompanied by lethargy. Delirium on condition of kidney failure associated with renal failure in removing toxic metabolites from the body through the urinary tract.
“The reason could be because the levels of urea in the blood increased (uremia), anemia and hyperparathyroidism. Condition can also occur due to an increase in diabetic patients receiving dialysis due to kidney dysfunction conditions,” explained Dr. Andri.
Usually with hemodialysis or dialysis patient cognitive impairment conditions will return to normal as usual. But there are times when some of these conditions persist.
2. Depression
Depression is a condition of psychiatric disorder most commonly found in patients with renal failure. The prevalence of major depression in the general population is approximately 1.1 – 15% in men and 1.8 – 23% in women. However, in patients on hemodialysis, the prevalence around 20-30%, it can even reach 47%.
“The condition of kidney failure hemodialysis is usually accompanied by a very uncomfortable condition. Fact that patients with renal failure, especially chronic renal failure that can not be separated from the rest of his life hemodialysis great psychological impact,” said Dr. Andri.
Factors lose something before there is such freedom, employment and independence are the things that is felt by the patients with renal failure undergoing hemodialysis. This can cause symptoms of depression were evident in patients with renal failure to suicide.
3. Disequilibrium Syndrome
These disorders are fairly common in hemodialysis patients and usually occurred 3-4 hours after hemodialysis, but it can also occur 8-48 hours after. This condition occurs because the osmotic imbalance and rapid changes in blood pH that trigger symptoms such as headache, nausea, muscle cramps, irritability, agitation, drowsiness, and sometimes seizures. Symptoms of psychosis can also occur.
“Usually, this condition occurs in patients undergoing hemodialysis for the first time. Condition usually occurs soon after hemodialysis, but can quickly improve if given proper treatment. Use of small doses of antipsychotic medication can be given to patients to cope with psychotic symptoms arising from this condition, “said Dr. Andri.

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