Mistakes in the Morning, the Slow Body Metabolism All Day

Healthy way to lose weight is to maintain a reliable system metabolism. Metabolic rate is influenced by several factors including age, weight, and genetics, but can also be caused by unhealthy habits.
Small mistakes that you did in the morning was have a great impact on system performance metabolism throughout the day. You need to avoid these mistakes in the morning in order to maintain your metabolism all day long, as reported by Fit Sugar, Wednesday (03/06/2013), among others:
1. Delaying breakfast or skip breakfast altogether
Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things that can thwart your efforts to lose weight because it causes your metabolism to work at a slow pace. When you postpone breakfast, the brain will work more slowly in sending a message to the rest of the body, because they have to save energy.
Not only that, the brain signals will stick to fats that the body makes it difficult to be removed. Eat within an hour after waking to reawaken the body’s metabolic system.
Drinking a cup of coffee does not count as breakfast because it only boost alertness. Choose protein foods as your breakfast menu. Be sure to eat healthy snacks throughout the day to keep blood sugar levels stable, which affects muscle fuel.
2. Not exercising
Research shows that the body constantly burns calories up to 24 hours after exercise, and studies have also shown that exercise in the morning can burn more calories than exercising at any other time.
Perform cardio exercise in the morning to activate fat-burning genes. It can accelerate your metabolism and make it easier to lose weight.
3. Forget about strength training
Include strength training in your morning routine such as lifting weights for 10 minutes to increase your metabolism. This is proven to burn 100 calories which makes it easier to lose weight in the rest of the day.