Natural baby Wormy, Do not Give Drugs Gratuitous

THREAT baby worms are also haunted. Therefore, keeping babies and parents is important.
Worms in infants can lead to a variety of negative impacts. Do it early so that preventive measures can be overcome with proper deworming. Following his presentation.
Ignorance can causes the
Although rare, it does not mean parents can ignore worms in infants, as a result of or arising from the effects of deworming is very broad.
Deworming children become malnourished because the food nutrients are absorbed by the worms, so that the baby loses the opportunity to provide nutrients in her body at the age of his golden period. Impact of long-term effects, the child will be experiencing stupidity.
In addition, the worms caused by blood-sucking hookworms which can cause the baby to be a lack of blood or anemia. A child will experience a shortage of blood.
At the age of growth not only nutrients are needed, but it also requires oxygen, which helps the blood carry oxygen to brain development.
If the baby is deprived of blood worms, there will be disruption oxygenation and nutrient delivery disruption to the body’s tissues, so it will be an ugly child brainpower and children can experience stupidity.
Baby Stool Checks
Prevention of intestinal worms in children can be done by providing de-worming every 6 months. But prevention is only recommended for children aged two years and above, whereas in children under two years and babies 0-12 months is not recommended.
Drug delivery was to be by prescription, because the baby is still vulnerable. In addition, the provision of de-worming in infants also had no laboratory evidence if the baby is having worms.
Things parents can do to find out if the baby worms or not is to check the baby’s stool. Stool examination is usually recommended if the baby is indeed obtained an indication of worms, that the baby had a bowel movement, diarrhea that does not heal or to infants who have failed to grow to weights that do not add up.
Examined stool is stool that was issued or incurred at least one hour before the laboratory examination. It was to be more quickly detected the worm or worm larvae live.
Any drug not
Given the baby is still very vulnerable to anything, then the parents can not arbitrarily give worming in infants. Worming in infants should be by prescription.
There are two types of worms that effective drugs to overcome most of the worms and can be given to babies, which pirental pamoate drug at a dose of 10 mg / kg body weight babies and more powerful drugs are albendazole or mobendazole a dose of 10 mg / kg body weight babies administered in a single dose or once delivery.
Prevent Wormy
Prevention of worms in babies is actually dependent on the parents and the people around the baby. Not only baby who has to be kept clean, but parents and other people around him had to keep cleaning, because the baby can become contaminated from those around him.
In addition to hygiene, prevention in infants can be done by putting baby footwear and cut his nails regularly.
While the parents or others around the baby, so the baby is not contaminated with dirt or soil, it should be an extra in maintaining personal hygiene.
For example, body cleanse or wash their hands before holding the baby. For mother who will give breast milk to the baby, make sure the breast and hand hygiene maintained. Always wash hands thoroughly after urinating or large, diligently cutting the nails, do not dispose of human and animal waste carelessly, washing hands after gardening or farming and after handling animals or from farms, avoid eating raw or undercooked. Moreover, if in an area that sanitation is not good, wash the vegetables that will be treated with clean water and drain and drink worming every 6 months to prevent worms.