Not Just a Damaged Brain, was Accelerate Alcohol Osteoporosis

IMPACT alcohol consumption is very significant for the body. Besides can accelerate osteoporosis come, apparently consuming alcohol can create brain damage.
This is due to the alcohol content and also can reduce nutrient thiamine in the body. Thiamine or also known as vitamin B1, is an essential nutrient for all body tissue, especially the brain. Therefore, people who are less thiamine intake can affect serious change in the brain and body health, quoted by the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
The impact of alcohol consumption itself is light that can make your mind distracted, slow to react, or to severe levels can lead to blurred vision and difficulty walking. In addition, alcohol also negatively impacting the health of bone loss.
Similarly, Joan A. McGowan, Ph.D., director of the NIH Division of muscle disease itself confirms that individuals who consume one glass of alcohol a day for women and two glasses of alcohol in men, will potentially lose bone protection.
According to him, the condition can occur even if a person does not consume excessive alcohol. Moreover, if you are consuming alcohol at the age of twilight, it would increase your chances of fractures when they fall.
To that end, the best advice for much of this negative result and still remains, Seek stop drinking alcohol.