Observer: Health Card Need Socialization and Adaptation

Jakarta Health Card program initiated by the government of Jakarta in the past two months gave birth to the positive and negative. To anticipate protracted positive impact, public policy analyst Andrinof Chaniago underscores the importance of socialization and adaptation program prior to generalize in Jakarta.
“Socialization and communication needs to be encouraged further by the Health Department that the procedure KJS really understood people and get to the bottom level. Further communication and socialization also still needs to be improved at the level of agency services, such as health centers and hospitals,” he said when contacted Andrinof in Jakarta, Tuesday (18/12/2012).
Andrinof explained, as a relatively new program, not just the people who need to gain a clear understanding of KJS. The medics and related devices must thoroughly understand the procedures to be carried on and understand the spirit of the program.
Related surge in the number of patients and the use of free treatment by patients from wealthy clients, according Andrinof, it happens because of a lack of control functions at the level of program implementation, particularly at the level of agency service. Lack of control functions thought to be caused by a lack of respective ideologies field workers will impact.
“It can not only betters the firm. Bottoms also be firm and completely aware of the program’s priorities. Need socialization to that again,” said Andrinof.
He argued, one way to minimize the negative impact is to implement the pilot project (pilot project) for a specific region. With restrictions on the region as a pilot, program implementers KJS will be free to evaluate and anticipate the impacts caused.
“This program really needs to be applied in specific areas as a pilot project first. Implementation is evaluated continuously, starting from the procedure, officers, agency services, the problems that arise, as well as irregularities that may occur. After all anticipated, then the general release to throughout Jakarta, “commentator observer from University of Indonesia.
Jakarta Health Agency head Dien Emmawati yet to respond to the related entries. KJS initiated since the beginning of the Jokowi-Basuki have begun to demand by the citizens. The ease with which granted the government makes many people more aware to get medical care when getting health problems.
However, in practice, there is a number of side effects. Among them, a surge of patients not followed adequate number of medical staff, utilization beruji KJS to simply try and utilization of health care facilities free of charge by the able