Perform It, No More humpback in Old Age

DECREASE form the backbone or stooped often called are common as we enter old age. However, bending this spine can occur due to bone disorders such as osteoporosis, which eventually lead to other health problems.
Stooped spine or in medical language is called kyphosis can occur due to osteoporosis. The characteristics of kyphosis is characterized by an abnormal spine shape and curved backward more than 50 degrees.
“From the results of our survey on the Indonesian approximately 403 men and women, 9 of 10 Indonesian people fear having kyphosis or stooped in his old age,” said Dr. r. Hadad Mansour, in an event Kifosi Know, Keep The reason, Osteoporosis “Kasablanka City, Jakarta.
Kyphosis can cause some problems, not only bent posture, but other symptoms such as back pain, muscle fatigue, and stiffness in the back of the back.
“The cause of kyphosis can be triggered by osteoporosis with compression of the spine, degenerative disease, or trauma to the spine. Prevention with milk consumption may help overcome this problem,” said Dr. Hadad.