Physically Vulnerable People Fat Decrease Brain Function

LOT adverse effects experienced by obese. One is the decline in brain function.
As it is based on the results of a study published in the Journal Stroke. Explained that obese adults aged 35 years and above are vulnerable to decline in brain function. The condition itself can occur as a result of cardiovascular risk factors.
“The reason for the decline of brain function that can be experienced by young people is due to the effects of risk factors for 35-year age group was high. Then, compounded actors themselves are not aware of the factors that increase the risk, ie one that is overweight, “said study author Dr. Hanneke Joosten is at once an expert nephrology at the University Medical Center in Groningen, Netherlands. Similarly, as reported by Fox News.
This study examined 3778 people alone among persons aged 35 to 82 years, with the aim of measuring how obese people are prone to heart disease or stroke. Researcher, then compared these data with patient values ​​on tests designed to measure cognitive function.
Deeper, cognitive function tests assess various skills such as initiative, planning, reasoning and the ability to switch to another task.
Then, from the results of the study found that those 50 percent are at the highest risk of heart disease experienced a significant decline in brain function. Compared to low-risk respondents against heart disease