Prevent Daytime Sleepiness? Reduce consumption of fatty foods

EVERY person has experienced tremendous sleepiness while being active during the day even though it was quite at night. So, how exactly to minimize the disruption?
According to a study, the foods you eat can affect the level of sleepiness and alertness while undergoing activity during the day. It is certainly harmful for those who do intensive activity throughout the day.
The high fat consumption affects the increase in daytime sleepiness during the move. Meanwhile, high carbohydrate consumption can affect a person’s increased vigilance.
In one study, a healthy person’s level of sleepiness assessed by the researchers reached level 31, independent of obesity, age range 18 to 65 years and sleeping with the normal time. Then, the researchers also look at the food they eat.
“Increased consumption of fat has bad effects on vigilance and other adverse effects kesahatan for adults,” said Dr. Alexandros Vgontzas, researcher and professor of psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine in the news release of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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