Quitting Smoking By Clarifying Your Reasons

Most smokers who want to quit are conflicted by the prospect. They know all the reasons why, but they still feel connected to cigarettes. To help you quit you need to become very clear about two things.
1. Why do you smoke? This is not a simple question. What exactly is the feeling you are chasing when you light up? Every human behaviour is governed by a desire to feel a certain way.
A person can buy a functional car but chooses a luxury model to feel a certainly way.
Someone drinks too much alcohol to avoid certain feelings but to experience others. So what feeling are you chasing with cigarettes. The answer may be obvious or take some soul searching to find. But it is critical that you do find it.
The reason you need to do this is because you will have to find another way to get the feeling you chased from smoking.
If you can’t work out what feeling you are chasing then maybe you can find what feeling you are avoiding!
Boredom? Or Stress? Can’t concentrate? Feel nervous perhaps. Once you can identify what you don’t want then you can work out how you will want to feel.
If smoking allowed you to relax and take some time out to clear your mind then its critical that you find a new way to achieve this before you quit.
Boredom is not easily solved. Everyone can get bored, not everyone uses smoking to fill gaps in their lives. Smokers and non smokers alike feel bored at times, it’s just life.
2. Be clear on the number one, absolute reason for quitting. What do you want for yourself more than anything else. Vague reasons such as health won’t cut it. If it was health related, stating that you want to be 100% healthy when your children have their children is better.
3. Vague reasons won’t help you if the going gets tough, if you get tempted or if you become very stressed, but having your reason clearly etched in your mind will.
These two things are important information when using rapid change hypnosis.
Releasing you from your old connections and feelings will set you free from cigarettes and focussing on your core reasons for quitting will further implant the new thoughts you have about yourself. That is that you are a non smoking fresh air breathing person for life.