Recognize levels burns

Burns have degrees or levels that need to be known by the general public, said the plastic surgeon from Madura Hospital, dr. Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, SpBP (K).
Parintosa explained that burns has three levels namely mild, moderate, and severe.
“Minor burns usually feel sore or painful and reddish, like sunburnt,” he said at the seminar to overcome Parintosa burns on Saturday.
Parintosa suggested that blisters is an indicator of the level of moderate burns.
Contact heat only the skin on the top layer, so that the crust will come off and remove the fluid.
As for major or severe burns, Parintosa said that usually people are not feeling the heat.
“Blackened charred burns with a pale center, accompanied by about a dry skin should have immediately taken to the hospital, because it has deep burns and should be handled by the medical personnel,” said Parintosa.
In major burns, the skin around the burned part be flaky, and the injury causing scars and wounds, added Parintosa.