Select the appropriate beverage body condition

In this modern age we are increasingly facilitated to overcome your thirst with a wide selection of beverages, from the plain to the already filled with various substances that are claimed to restore energy to slimming.
But many do not realize that many of these drinks are not only high in calories, but also stimulates hunger so we eat more. In other words, if you want to maintain weight, we not only have to be thorough in choosing food, but also drinks.
When to drink water
– Drink when you feel tired, dizziness, lack of concentration, or mood is crashing. study published in the Journal of Nutrition says people who dehydrate as much as one percent will experience symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, until grumpy.
– If you want a more slender body, drink two cups of water before meals.
– Exercise less than 90 minutes. Spending a lot of sweat does not mean you need to drink a sports drink. Experts say water is what we need if we are exercising less than 90 minutes in a moderate to high intensity.
When to drink tea
– When you want to drink caffeine. Green tea is a great drink for those who want to reduce caffeine intake. In one cup of black tea contains 50 mg of caffeine, compared with the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee, which is about 100-190 mg.
– Abdominal pain. In Chinese medicine, tea is used to keep the digestive system and mengetralisir acid in the stomach. Recommended tea is oolong tea and earl gray tea to improve digestion.
When to drink juice
– When you’re constipated. Drink fruit juice in the morning is good for meyeimbangkan nutrients at breakfast. Jus paired with a suitable protein foods and complex carbohydrates to boost metabolism. Do not forget to avoid juices with added sugar and calories.
– After eating a high-fat meal. After drinking orange juice after eating a high-fat meal can neutralize the inflammatory response and prevent damage to blood vessels.
When to drink coffee
– Caring for diabetes. Research has shown that coffee consumption is no more than two cups a day will help the body use insulin. But you should not add sugar, syrup or full cream milk into it.
– Not excited. The content of caffeine in coffee helps women reduce the symptoms of depression. The study said four cups of coffee reduces the risk of cervical cancer in women.
When to drink milk
– If you want to diet. Besides good to get strong bones, milk also reduces fat.
When to drink lemon water
– To strengthen the body’s defense system.
When to drink smoothies
– Need to fill the stomach in one gulp. But you should make yourself so controlled sugar content. Make smoothies from fresh fruit and vegetables and nonfat milk mix, nuts, or protein powder.