Simple Secret How To Get Longevity

o need to travel to seven continents to find the fountain of youth or sacred springs that can make young. The secret to long life is not that complicated, because there are many things in everyday life can make it happen.
One of the secrets to long life is to avoid disease. If it can be done, the rest remains to hope in luck because some things can not be avoided such accidents which at times can be fatal to anyone.
Some of the secrets which if done could make people not to die because of illness are as follows, as quoted by LiveScience, Tuesday (17/07/2012).
A. Too much sitting
For people who are more sedentary all day either because of the demands of work or simply watching TV at home, stop this unhealthy habit will be very beneficial. Sitting less than 3 hours per day is sufficient to increase the age of 2 years according to a study.
2. Drinking coffee
Although for some people coffee can make the heart pounding, but for others the content of antioxidants in coffee are very useful to combat cancer. Phytochemical content of different compounds can also delay dementia, and even prevent coronary heart disease.
3. Eating fiber
One of the major causes of death today is cancer, including cancers of the digestive tract there. Various impurities can emmicu in colon cancer can be reduced with a simple way that eating fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fiber.
4. Reduce the fat
Not all fats are bad, some of it is needed by the body to carry out various functions of the body. Fats or oils from plants such as advocado, olives and vegetables are good for the body while a lot of saturated fat found in animal meat should be limited if you want a long life.
5. Walk
Regular physical activity is one key element in maintaining fitness. Walking is the most inexpensive physical activity, and can easily be carried anywhere even be done while going home from home to office. Rarely fit body illness.