Smoking Cigarette Effects – What Effects Does Smoking Cigarettes Have and How You Can Avoid Them

Are you wondering what the effects of smoking cigarettes are to your body? There are over 4,000 chemical compounds in a smoking cigarette. Effects that ruin your health are bound to happen from smoking something that is has so many chemicals, 10 % of which are toxic. It is only natural to wonder how something so poisonous can affect your health.

I was in the same boat a few years ago. I was a heavy smoker, over a pack a day. I knew smoking was ruining my health. I wanted so badly to stop but I just did not seem to have the “will power” to do it.

One day I got the idea to really research how smoking was damaging my body. I knew that smoking was “bad for me” but I felt if I educated myself on how smoking was harming me maybe this would help give me the motivation I needed to stop smoking. In My research was quite eye opening. Smoking negatively affects so many parts of the body.

  • The Brain-Smoking can lead to an increased risk of stroke.
  • The Skin-Smoking restricts blood vessels in the skin leading to wrinkling and pre-mature aging.
  • The Teeth-Smokers experience an increased risk of gingivitis leading to discoloring and loosening of the teeth.
  • The Bones-Smoking can lead to weakening of the bones or osteoporosis.
  • The Reproductive System-Male smokers suffer an increased rick of erectile dysfunction.  Women smokers can experience a higher risk of infertility.
  • The Heart-Smokers have an increased risk of hypertension and Heart Attacks.
  • The Lungs-The lungs are most severely affected by smoking with a hugely increased rick of COPD and lung cancer.

I had no idea that smoking damaged so many parts of the human body. I knew I was damaging my lungs but was surprised to see how smoking was literally damaging every part of my body. The only way to stop the damage smoking causes is to quit smoking. After I gained this knowledge I knew I had to quit smoking.

In my research I also discovered a great method to quit smoking. It is called NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. Do not let the fancy name scare you, it is a therapy technique that has been used for decades and has proven to be very effective at helping people to quit smoking.

NLP works because it removes the cravings to smoke. Once the cravings have been removed it becomes very easy to quit smoking and overcome smoking cigarette effects. NLP is all natural with no side effects and can be applied at home through the use of a simple audio program.