Stay Safe in the Tub with Bath Boards for the Elderly

A great way to stay safe in the tub is with bath boards for the elderly. The devices can prevent falls, make getting in and out of the tub easier, and provide a place to rest for those who tire easily. The devices are easy to install and can be stored flat when not in use for a while. The best feature is the safety factor. Preventing falls and other injuries while getting into or out of the bath makes this product a worthwhile investment.
There are many different kinds of bath boards for the elderly. Most models consist of the same basic construction. They come with metal brackets on the underside that extent to the sides of the tub, for a tight fight that remains in place while being used. Some models are reinforced with metal slats underneath. Others are made with steel frames covered in plastic, for comfort and easy cleaning.
A smooth seat is probably the least expensive model to purchase. It comes in white plastic like most bath boards for the elderly, adjustable brackets that fit most standard tub widths, and metal braces under the seat. A basic model such as one with a smooth seat can cost as little as 30 pounds. This is a low price to ensure the safety of someone who struggles getting in and out of the tub. The plastic seat can be wiped off with a towel or mild soap if it requires cleaning.
Slatted models are great for those who want to allow water to drain after use. They can be purchased in three, four, or five slat models, depending on the size of the seat required. Prices can range from 22 to just under 50 pounds. All models are made with white plastic reinforced with metal braces under the seat.
For better drainage a model with perforated steel coated in white plastic is ideal. The seat can still be wiped off easily. It also adjusts to the width of the tub. The model with the perforated seat allows water to quickly run off, so the user may not even need to wipe it off. A perforated model will cost just under 50 pounds, but the additional features make it well worth the price.
There are many different styles and features on bath boards for the elderly at Some seats have handles on the sides to help ease the process of getting in and out of the tub. More elaborate models come with back rest and a lower seat that sits down in the water. This model will cost slightly more but may be a suitable model for those who are able to get into the water. Most bath boards for the elderly can also be used as shower chairs. They are the best way to make the bath much safer for someone who needs assistance. The products are available in online stores and in stores that carry mobility devices.