Study: Got a Lot of Boys, can Shorten the Life of the Mother

Almost every family wants the boy to be proud of, and one day replace the role of the father, as the support for the family. But a new study from Finland found that the boy had not necessarily make a happy family because only by having a son, the mother may not live long.
had many sonsEven according to this study of a woman who had several boys age 8.5 months less than the women who had a number of girls only, irrespective of wealth and social status. But similar conditions do not affect life expectancy father.
The conclusion was obtained after investigators observed birth data in which more than 11,000 mothers of 8 parishes in Finland in the 17th century to the 20th where most people still agrarian and do not have access to modern health facilities.
From there it is known a mother who had six sons will live for an average of 32.4 years after the birth of their last child, while women who had some girls can live for an average of 33.1 years after the last delivery.
Researchers speculate that when conceived, baby boys produce more testosterone than girls when it can weaken the immune system of the mother. Moreover, male infants grow faster in the womb so that it feels heavier when conceived, that puts more strain on the mother’s body.
“This study shows more and more young men who owned a woman the post-reproductive survival rate is getting lower. Moreover, socio-cultural factors may also play a role in this because as adults, girls are often still sustain the life of his mother, another case with child men, “says researcher Dr. Samuli Helle of the University of Turku, Finland as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (02/28/2013).
Even so, Dr. Helle suspect this phenomenon appears to apply only for the developing countries. For developed countries such as the UK and Finland of today, this phenomenon may be rare because a smaller number of families and healthcare facilities as well as access to healthy food is much better.