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This way your child avoid diabetes

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BABY born of gestational diabetes results or toddlers who have a potential obesity to diabetes. Take preventive steps early on can prevent your child from that risk. It is expressed as dr. Dyah Purnamasari, SpPD, Staff Division of Metabolic Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. He said that knowing early ….  Read More

Can children do lift weights?

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Children must be encouraged to love to exercise. Exercise done regularly will make his body fit, prevent obesity and help children do better in school. However, children do not recommend doing weight-bearing exercise. Weight-bearing exercise is done in the age of the children was to undermine the child’s bone growth. According dr.Sophia Benedicta, resident of ….  Read More

How Important Fruits and Vegetables for Health?

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Do you remember the slogan four of five perfectly healthy nutrition? The sentence seems to no longer be the focus of attention. Though the two in between, namely fruits and vegetables can provide tremendous impact on health. According to WHO, as many as 93.6 percent of Indonesia’s population aged over 10 years, in the category ….  Read More