The characteristics of Infertility

One cause of the difficulty of obtaining offspring of couples infertility is a factor, as is well known that infertility is not monopolized by women, because it turns out she only took one-third of the total cases of infertility, one-third of male factor and the rest is a combination of the two. Factors endometriosis, ovulation disorders, uterine and service disruption is a factor infertility of the woman.
The first can be recognized from the factors that endometriosis occurs in women aged 20-35 years, was seen in a woman’s menstrual cycle that seems normal, but the endometrial tissue outside the uterus also will experience the thickening due to hormonal influences. When will shed as menstruation, which is beyond the visible endometrium can not escape, finally just raised the bleeding only. But over time occurred scarring and adhesions, especially in the fallopian tubes or ovaries and fallopian around fimbriae, thus releasing eggs to be blocked. So women with this condition will usually barren.
When women experience irregular menstruation, or even not at all period, then it is the characteristics of infertility, due to the disruption of ovulation so that an egg can not be fertilized or difficult. Being in men, infertility is caused by obstruction of the vas deferens, the disruption of the balance of hormones, STDs and varicoceles. In varicoceles, seen in men section enlarged scrotal veins and blood circulation is very disturbing. It found 15% suffered by men, while 40% of patients may suffer from infertility.
You see old couples who were married, but it has not been blessed with a baby also could be seen by naked eye if the sterility traits that can be obtained, namely on the men, like drinking, smoking, frequent bathing in hot water, assuming the laptop while at work. It could also be because he is an athlete wants to raise the muscle of his body, then use that turns testosterone effect on infertility. To change the pattern and it’s not a positive lifestyle, regular exercise and adequate rest, then cradled the baby is no longer a dream.