The dangers of doping among others

1. Among penggnaan doping to enhance athletic performance that exceeded normal limits. This situation is unnatural and dangerous, due to fatigue is peringtan of the body that someone has to limit his ability. If forced to pose “exhaustion” that endanger health.
Overdose can be dangerous, can cause agitation, delirium, hallucinations, violent behavior, and cardiac arrhythmias that can cause serious problems. To overcome this phenomenon is used sedatives such as diazepam.
2. Doping with blood injections will cause allergic reactions, increased circulation of blood is above normal, and possibly kidney problems. Hormonis peptide drug classes and analogues may result in the athlete suffering from a headache, always feeling tired, depression, enlarged breasts in male athletes, and irritability.
3. Hazard effects of erythropoietin injections of blood becomes more concentrated so it is easy to agglomerate and allow the occurrence of stroke (rupture of blood vessels in the brain).
4. Use of deuretika too much can result in excessive expenditure of mineral salts. That places the muscle spasms, nausea, headache, and fainting. Consumption is too often may cause kidney and heart disorders.
5. The use of analgesics in female athletes functioning relieve pain when menstruating. However, its impact if one chose the drug can cause difficulty breathing. nausea, loss of concentration, and may lead to addiction or addiction.
6. One type of doping is most often used by athletes are anabolic drugs, including androgenic hormone steorid. This type of hormones have harmful effects, both for male athletes and female athletes because they interfere with the body’s hormonal balance and increase the risk of heart disease and heart. Especially for female athletes, the use of this hormone will cause the growth of man’s nature, like a mustache, deep voice, and hoarseness. Then, arising menstrual disorders, changes in distribution patterns of hair growth, shrink the size of the breasts, and increased aggressiveness. For adolescent athletes, it will lead to acne. Most importantly, its growth will stop.
7. Beta-blockers block penyampaikan stimulation to the heart, lungs and bloodstream, slowed heart rate average. It was banned in sports such as archery and diving to avoid vibration. Adverse effects that occurred between alain nightmares, insomnia, fatigue, depression, low blood sugar and heart failure.
8. Human Growth Hormone HGH (human growth hormone), somatotrophin. equal the growth hormone in the blood which is controlled by a complex mechanism that stimulates growth, helps destroy the fat and protein synthesis. HGH misused by competitors to stimulate muscle and tissue growth. Adverse effects such as excess glucose levels, fluid accumulation, heart disease, joint problems and connective tissue, high levels of fat, muscle weakness, low thyroid activity and disability.