The Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Medical and health institutions in the United States and all over the world have already concluded that cigarette smoking is related to numerous health problems. Recent research studies have shown that cigarette smokers have dangerously high risk of getting lung cancer than those who does not smoke. Other major health problems that can be acquired from cigarette smoking include throat cancer, oral and lung cancer, and other various lung illnesses such as smoker’s cough, emphysema, premature wrinkles, lack of stamina and endurance, bloodshot eyes and decrease in libido and loss of desire.
Do you know that in every stick of cigarette, there are 4,000 or so chemicals and that at least 60 of these chemicals are identified as those which can cause cancer? Most of us would think of lung cancer as the main disease caused by cigarette smoking. However, lung cancer is just really one of the many diseases as smoking is also known to cause bladder cancer, as well as pancreatic, kidney, cervix and esophageal cancer.
Nicotine is the most active ingredient and stimulant found in cigarettes. Nicotine is a chemical that is very addictive – and poisonous; toddlers and pet animals may die by accidentally eating cigarettes and cigarettes butts. The smoke from tobacco actually contains toxic, carcinogenic compounds such as radium and radon, which are said to be the major causes of lung cancer. Smoking increases the rate of heartbeat and blood pressure because of the stimulation of the nervous system by the nicotine. Smoking cigarettes also lessens the amount of oxygen that goes to the smoker’s brain. Cigarette smoking likewise thickens the blood, thus increasing the risk of blood clots from happening, ultimately leading to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.
Tar coming from the smoke is deposited into the lungs and creating damage to the air sacs leading to shortness of breath and other lung problems in the long run. A specific, serious lung disorder associated to cigarette smoking is emphysema. It is characterized by loss and deterioration of lung tissues, damage to the structures and capillaries that support and feed the alveoli. With emphysema, the airways of the lungs collapse during the process of expiration which causes the trapping of air in the lungs.
Smoking is likewise detrimental to women, not only to their health but also to their physical appearances as cigarette smoking can cause premature wrinkles on the skin. It is more dangerous for smoking women who are pregnant. Extreme cigarette smoking can really induce miscarriages. If a pregnant woman continues to smoke, there is a great chance that her child will be exposed and adversely affected by passive smoking. One effect of smoking pregnant women is underweight or malnourished children.

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