Turmeric Benefits For Skin Smooth

Benefits of turmeric to the skin have been found since ancient times. Turmeric is often used by the nobility for beauty. Of course, in modern times it has been many a skin product on the market, but turmeric appears to have advantages. Excess turmeric as a skin is its natural so it does not provide long-term side effects.
Turmeric was originally known as traditional medicine, but then the benefits to the skin was found. One reason why this herb is able to smoothen the skin because it has a high antioxidant content. Antioxidant role is to make the skin look brighter, cleaner, smoother and able to throw dirt-dirt. Antioxidants also ageless skin because it prevents damage to the skin cells.
In addition to antioxidants, turmeric has also studied substances against bacteria that cause irritation. One is the bacteria that causes acne. Now, with turmeric, acne can be treated and dried. Turmeric also has properties to regenerate the skin so that it looks brighter and stains to be reduced. In addition, the use of turmeric can make the skin feel more supple.
The first step to cultivate turmeric into a skin is polished or can simply buy turmeric powder form that has been smoothed. Turmeric which has been mashed and then mixed with lime juice. This mixture is then applied to the skin who want refined, could face or body. After that, berdiamlah for about 20 minutes and then rinse. Do this treatment once a week to feel the benefits.
Turmeric mask used on the face can be added several treatments for maximum results. Before using the turmeric mask, used to clean the skin. After that, scrub facial cleanser that dirt can roughly be lifted first. If the face first then remove blackheads blackheads. How to vaporize steam facial with hot water and then dispose of blackheads. After that, massage the face in order to relax. Only later, use turmeric in a face mask, leave to dry and then rinse.