Use Bio Laser, too Easily Detected Disease Diagnosis

DIAGNOSIS doctors certainly very important to determine the disease and what treatment is right for the patient. But along with technological developments, emerging tools that can help doctors to diagnose diseases more precisely and accurately.
Diagnostic tool called bio laser using quantum energy to detect the frequency of organ in the body.
“Bio laser not only detect organ, but also to parts and layers of tissue or tissue in the body. Cardiac disease, disorders of the ear, and other diseases can be detected,” said JJ Lupi Eng. M.Sci, ND CEO, an expert on technological devices for integrative medicine at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Jakarta, Tuesday (02/12/2013).
Lupi confirmed that the tool is not a means of healing, but only aids diagnosis of health problems. Heart disease or ear disorders can be detected easily.
“Bio laser is safe for children, teens or adults. But it is for pregnant women, this tool is not recommended. Because fear can interfere with maternal and fetal health,” said Lupi.